Pharmaceutical Testing and Development



StemMed provides a broad range of services for custom-designed research using our PDX model collection.

Each prospective client works closely with one of our scientists to design experiments to meet their unique needs, in the most cost-effective manner possible. Both commercial and academic pricing structures are available.

We have highly trained staff that can administer drugs at the required dose and frequency via virtually any route desired, including oral gavage, intravenous injection (i.v.). intraperitoneal injection (i.p.), or subcutaneous injection (s.c.).

Experiment duration can range from hours to months, depending on the experiment and models chosen. Experimental data such as tumor size and body weight are generally measured at least twice weekly, unless drug toxicity necessitates daily weight monitoring. In addition to treated tumor harvest, can also provide blood and organ collection services, with the tissue prepared according to each client’s needs (e.g. fresh, snap frozen, fixed, etc.)