Pharmaceutical Testing and Development

In Vivo Testing

Dose-Response Assays

In vivo determination of the optimal and maximum tolerated dose for novel drugs.

Scheduling Assays

In vivo testing of alternative treatment schedules to maximize efficacy.

Pre Clinical Drug Testing

All of our PDX models have transcriptomic, and proteomic profiles available, and we are constantly improving our characterization. Models can be selected for the presence of absence of a desired trait, or by the expression of a particular target, or any other parameter that can be measured. Clients can either choose a limited number of models in which to test their candidate therapeutic, or can conduct “animal clinical trials” using 20 or more of our PDX models.

Animal Clinical Trials

In “Animal Clinical Trials”, as in the clinical setting, each PDX is treated as an individual patient. However, unlike human clinical trials in which each patient can only receive a single drug or combination at any given time, each PDX can be randomized to ALL treatment arms in the study, thereby allowing a direct head-to-head comparison of efficacy across treatment arms, and across “patients”. The size of this collection provides 80% power to detect a 20% true response rate, and because statistical power is derived primarily across the PDX population, as few as three mice per treatment arm can be used.  Treatment responses and metastatic burden can be correlated with “-omics” before and after treatment to develop response predictors and explore potential resistance mechanisms.