Pharmaceutical Testing and Development

PDX Models

Breast Cancer PDX

StemMed has exclusive license to a large collection of quality-controlled, low passage, human breast cancer PDX representing all clinically-defined subtypes for use in preclinical drug testing. PDX are maintained exclusively in the epithelium-free mammary fat pad of immunodeficient mice. These models have been characterized extensively and serve as a renewable resource for preclinical studies of tumor biology, drug treatment response, and metastasis.

Currently, we have 40 PDX models representing 32 unique patients.
These include:

  • “Triple-negative” (ER-PR-HER2-) PDX  |  24
  • ER+PR+ PDX  |  2
  • ER+ PDX  |  2
  • “Triple-positive” (ER+PR+HER2+) PDX  |  1
  • HER2+ PDX  |  3

Key features of breast PDX include:

  • Biological consistency with the tumor of origin.
  • Phenotypic stability across multiple transplant generations at the histologic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and genomic levels.
  • Qualitatively identical treatment responses as the tumor of origin when treated with a comparable agent
Pancreatic Cancer PDX

StemMed recently obtained exclusive license to a collection of four low passage human pancreatic cancer PDX for use in preclinical studies. We are in the process of characterizing these PDX models.